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Upcycled Large Recycling Tote

Upcycled Large Recycling Tote

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The Recycling Tote combines circular economy principles with the power of tech to help you recycle more and recycle properly at home.  Crafted from upcycled billboards, each tote shows off a one-of-a-kind design. Equipped with easy grab handles and a unique bottom third handle that eases the movement of materials from inside your home to an outdoor cart, bin, or compactor. It can fold down or be adjusted to fit into any space in your apartment, condo or home. 


  • Upcycled materials: Billboard vinyl
  • New materials: nylon webbing
  • Bottom Handle for easy emptying
  • Easy clean interior 
  • Convenient carry handles 
  • Lets you avoid single use plastic/ paper bags
  • Bag can hold up to 3,500 cubic inches of recyclables!

** Please Note: Each bag is uniquely hand cut, therefore colors and pattern on the outside of the bag you receive will be unique and one of a kind every time. You are not cookie cutter and your products shouldn't be either! 

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