At Public Thread, we're dedicated to fostering education, empowerment, and innovation. Our programs are designed to ignite creativity, cultivate skill sets, and drive positive change, while also including education on sustainability and reuse of post-industrial material (how we upcycle materials).

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In the Youth Catalyst Program, we aim to integrate education on the significance of reevaluating our consumption habits, emphasizing the importance of considering the long-term implications of our purchases beyond immediate use. Encouraging a shift in mindset towards mindful spending and its potential impact on the environment. Tailored for high school and post-secondary students aged 15-24, this program provides valuable insights into the product design journey. Participants gain knowledge on ideation, prototyping, and other aspects, irrespective of financial constraints. Our objective is to ignite the passion for design and entrepreneurship in the next generation, fostering hands-on learning experiences and mentorship opportunities.



Designed to empower individuals within our community with valuable skills and knowledge in sustainable practices and textile craftsmanship. Through classes such as Sewing 101, How to Mend Your Own Garments, and Upcycling DIY workshops, participants learn practical techniques to incorporate circular consuming and sewing into their day-to-day lives. These programs not only promote environmental consciousness but also foster a sense of community engagement and self-sufficiency. By equipping individuals with the tools to reduce waste and embrace sustainable living, we aim to create a more resilient and connected community for generations to come.


Public Thread's Upskilling/Apprenticeship program is at the forefront of workforce development, bridging the gap between education and employment by providing hands-on training in sewing and related fields. Our program, whether conducted within our organization or through partnerships with external businesses, is dedicated to equipping participants with real-world experience and industry-specific expertise. With a focus on job placement, advancement, and career development, we aim to create pathways to sustainable careers in the textile and manufacturing sectors. Our goals include fostering living-wage opportunities, building on-ramps for upskilling, and enhancing employee skill-building. By increasing the value of staff and skills within the workforce and employer systems, we contribute to the growth and prosperity of both individuals and communities.


Public Thread's Circular Innovation Lab operates across various fronts to catalyze sustainable change. Our endeavors encompass research and development, community ideation labs, data and system evaluation, and intersectional eco-system coordination.

Through these initiatives, we bring together manufacturers to facilitate resource-sharing, support workforce development, and enhance workforce retention. By fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry, we aim to grow living-wage jobs, divert textile waste at scale, and establish networks for collective action. Furthermore, we are dedicated to elevating the value of sewing, sewists, textiles, textile waste, and the circular economy.


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