Canteen Purse Small

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Don't let bulky bags weigh you down. Switch to our small cantine bag and enjoy effortless style and convenience. This compact and chic accessory will carry everything you need without sacrificing style or comfort. With a small outer pocket and a bright inner lining people will know this isnt for drinking out of. Upgrade your look today.


  • 5.5"H X 6.5"L X 2" D
  • Upcycled Vinyl
  • Upcycled Nylon
  • Upcycled Thread
  • Nylon Binding
  • Zipper
  • Upcycled Straps
  • Keeps waste out of the landfill and supports jobs for Sewists in our community

This handcrafted, upcycled product was designed and made in Grand Rapids, Michigan using repurposed, surplus and scrap materials from local manufacturers.

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