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Waste Crisis


Our Impact



We've crunched the numbers — our process is up to 10x better than landfill solutions.

Repurposing your textiles through our processes - you're diverting the equivalent of up to 1,822 metric tons of carbon dioxide when compared to landfill solutions. On top of that, our partners continue to help us innovate and design new solutions to keep this number growing.


We need sustainable systems in every industry

Our impact and partnerships reach far beyond the Fashion sphere — every company is now working with something bigger in mind. There isn’t a business out there that doesn’t have sustainability goals, and who isn’t looking to reduce their impact. This isn’t only driven by altruism — it’s demanded by consumers. Public Thread is giving businesses like yours an opportunity to not only meet the demands of those who buy from you, but to be a part of building a circular economy that benefits the entire community. When you work with Public Thread to upcycle used billboards, banners, and other surplus textiles into new high-quality products instead of throwing these materials away, you can be part of a solution that tackles waste, reduces carbon emissions from landfills, and creates new jobs locally.



Sure, cutting waste and the size of your carbon footprint are prickly problems, but you’ve already got the resources to solve them. By partnering with Public Thread, you can transform your organization’s used textiles into something new, capturing their full value and reducing your carbon costs by keeping these materials circulating instead of throwing them away.

Public Thread can estimate that it is 5-10x (1,082-1,822 MTCO2e) better to repurpose waste textiles via their process vs disposing of the materials into a landfill.

Extending the useful life of the materials by 1 year or more delays the release of carbon into the atmosphere [equivalent to the emissions from about 300-400 cars/year].

Collaborative PROCESS

When you partner with us to upcycle your used or surplus textiles (excess fashion/furniture materials, billboards, and more), it takes just a small effort on your part to bring about some pretty big rewards. Here is our process from start to finish:


Pickup + Removal
We collaborate with your team or your vendors to make arrangements to collect your excess materials and send them our way.


Design + Creation
Our skilled craftspeople will transform them into beautiful, high-quality products in our local facilities. With every ton of textiles donated, a job is created at Public Thread.


To help keep our social enterprise going strong, we invite you to purchase 30% or more of line created by your donation to use for colleagues, clients, friends, and others!

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